PELES MESSAGE: As Pele chose “our property” for her grandest dance/eruption (fissure 17/18) I feel called to share with great humility what I sense is her message:

“No nation, no peoples, no religion, NO ONE OWNS THE EARTH. This message brings into question all of the wars and boarders that have been created and denounces them. It forces us to confront the fact that we must learn how to live together or perish. The Earth is calling for us to unite and to create a new relationship with her and with each other. If we cannot do this nature will continue on its journey of evolution without us. Nothing states this message more clearly than loosing what you thought you owned to an act of nature. When I was a younger man living in Africa I was walking with my teacher one day when the beaded necklace I had been given by him broke scattering the beads across the ground. When I fell to my knees to retireve the scattered beads my teacher gently put his hand on my should and said “those beads are the earths now.” In the same way I choose to see the 15 acres and the structures that were just engulfed by Pele as an offering to her and Mother Earth. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the smoke rising from the burning spirit house that was once on the property. I have been struggling with feelings of loss and despair. it is true that this is a lot of destruction for a humble artist of my means. But as the smoke clears we can either be angry and defeated or humbly lift our prayers up with this grand offering. It is our choice to see this as destruction or the creation of something new. In the end I have been left with Pele’s fire inside of me. This fire is inspiring me to create and to be a voice for her and for the earth like never before. My family is not cursed but instead blessed with one of the greatest missions and messages of our day. My final prayer is that Pele’s kiss will make my words bite with her passion and fierce love. That her power may live in my song as I give human voice to that which does not have one. I write this bursting with gratitude as the depth of this experience is worth more than anything I thought I owned.