Q:I dont want to just come up with another theory or religion or fad for people to try out. We need to change and we need to quite quickly it seems to me. I do not want to forgo my self sovereignty but please help co collaborate with us in sharing some basic and simple knowledge that works?

A:AS long as you are trying you are doing something. When you stop trying we get worried.

Cunning is necessary. this is using your senses to the height of their poettential. You must use the tools that you have in this reality. These are your senses, your thoughts, your emotions and your actions.

Your senses are water, your thoughts air, your emotions fire and actions earth.

From sense know that you are experiencing everything from one place YOUR OWN. The only truth you know is through your own lense. Also how you interpret what is coming through your senses is not a given but something that you translate by choice. Taught or otherwise you are sensing per your discretion. Yes there are vibrations which are easier for your to digest or more peaceful and pleasant to your sense and vis versa but the amount at which you control the degree of these interpretations is astounding.

as you bring through your senses the translation of vibration it touches the individual soul that is within you or your fire. This then creates an emotion be it big or small. This emotion then creates a new thought and you shift from receiving to outputting. The thought then can fuel and outgoing emotion and subsequently an action that represents earth or things that are done on the earthly plane.

Remembering that most of what is perceived is controlled by you and that it is your personal truth of which you have great control over.

No universal truth can be spoken from an individuals mouth. Every word they speak or try to convey of that “universal” truth will be tattooed with their emotion or meaning behind that truth.

Trying to find a universal truth for all does not coincide nicely with your reality. Instead, let their be celebration in the diversity by which one thing can be seen. The very fact that you see things diffently is one of your greatest attributes as a human and existing sould at this time.

So, for us seeing that all truth is relative to the human and that the human has control and is responsible how he or she sees it is very important.

Q: but if you cut off my toe. That hurts and most everyone would say that hurts. How much control do we really have. Int there just conditions of being human that we cannot escape or control?

A: If there was one way to feel about getting your toe cutoff we would agree with you. It is that there are many different ways to feel about it. Some people have even chosen to cut their own toe off. We recognize that there are basic human emotions that are naturally emoted from circumstances and we also are adding that the array of which these things are experienced is still vast and that there is an immense amount of control that can be issued towards once perception on all things.

It is this ability to know your own translation and perceptions that we are interested in, not whether there is certain things that “make” you feel certain ways because you are human.

Learning to control or be responsible of the part that you can be in charge of is what we are referring to and that can create massive change in your life and the lives of others.

When speaking to us remember that we are not fans of extremism. We know that all realities like cutting off toes exist at once. WE are simply talking about things that you do have control over and that can have effect on your life.