Q: It is evident that many of our efforts to turn our earth story around have failed. Wars continue. Suffering continues. Religions and mentalities that were supposed to help people have become the reason for witch hunts and so on. I want to do something that will have effect and not be turned for the worse. What can we do and focus on that will have lasting and meaningful effect?

The north. The south the west and east i all relative.

Casual mingling of people sell the most fruit. Think of a gathering of people this is what you will need to fulfill change as an individual cannot bring about he change you seek . What is the most causal motive that may bring these together in the name of peace. ? It is in complexities that more of ones personal interpretation can mess things up in terms of breaking the spell of unity.

and so simplicity is key.


(this popped up on my screen as the definition for ‘of’)

Q: What is the meaning of the symbol of peace with the three circles in one large circle?

A: The large circle is the whole and the creator which encompasses all reality and all creations.

The three circles are the main then the main play, rule or aspect of bring within that whole.

The gift or freedom to control the entity one finds themselves in is one of the circles.

The second is the gift of receiving and the third the gift of giving or creating.

Q: What more can be said about this? How does this relate to the golden rule or benevolence?

A: it relates in that as you honor the symbol in yourself you must also see that each individual possesses such power as well. The circle that encompasses the three is benevolence. That you are here is an act of benevolence. That you have been given free choice is an act of benevolence.

Again the power of symbol is that each gives their own meaning to it.